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Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

Yes, I have re-entered the realm of employment, and boy am I tired. So much to learn, so few brain cells.

This is what I feel like:
Had a MAJOR freak out about money yesterday morning and was almost in tears. Then, I heard a small voice say, "Trust me."
Now I'm never sure if that's one of my multiple personalities (JK) or the teeny voice of G.O.D.
Then today a post from my friend Rosemary showed up and it heartened me - so much so that I printed out this part to hang on the wall so I see it every day (every day I'm in my guest room closet/office):

...3 major affirmations:

First: “I am God’s child, Laughing, running, jumping easily, unburdened by the weight of years. I am whole and happy, wrapped in love, transformed by light.”

Second: “I rejoice in my sense of divine prosperity. I am financially secure and my rewards from participating in the flow of abundance increase constantly.”

Third: “I am held, like a beloved child, in a warm, secure family. I am surrounded by love. I am not alone, but perfectly supported.”

Okay. Ready, set, go.


  1. I am so glad to hear that you have a job. You have been in my prayers. What would we do without God to lean on?

  2. Congratulations on the new employment and just keep trusting in God and He will take good care of you. Have a great friday and an awesome weekend.