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I'm Late, I'm Late!

What have I done, semi-committing to a post for every day of the year?! Yikes.
I am already two days behind and feeling like the White Rabbit. Then there's THE PRESSURE of thinking of something scintillating to say. Because I am not that interesting.

Taxes are looming. AND VA paperwork that needs to be completed before March 1st. It's such drudgery.

Saw "The King's Speech" yesterday. Someone deserves an Oscar for making the rather mundane subject matter of a stuttering prince/king and his speech therapist absolutely riveting.


  1. I also saw a recent post on here about the film and hope is in the theaters around here so I can see it too. Don't worry about missing a day or two. Just don't take a week off & throw us into withdrawal. OK?

  2. Hey Kimmie, I saw that movie yesterday too, with our Eileen. Wow. Great movie. Totally agree with you. And speaking of making a mundane subject totally riveting - check out your own blog! You may not be interesting to yourself, but you're fascinating to me. 'k? So get off it, already.