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Number 35

Last night I met a friend at a photography opening at Through This Lens in downtown Durham. Aside from the exhibit - ChemoToxic, there were some great prints of Durham by K. Brown that were just lovely. The photos have a surreal quality and showed Durham, which gets maligned sometimes in comparison to Chapel Hill, in a really lovely light - both literally and figuratively.

Durham is clawing her way up in the world. Downtown has been revitalized, old tobacco warehouses are being turned into lofts, and restaurants - really good restaurants - are popping up all over and making the most of the bounty of the Piedmont.
In the January 7, 2011 issue of the New York Times there was an article on The 41 Places To Go in 2011 - and right there, between number 34 - Iraqi Kurdistan and number 36 - Kosovo, was number 35 - Durham, NC!

After buying some note cards (affordable art), my friend and I braved the arctic chill that had descended and walked around the corner to Dos Perros - one of the great newish restaurants in town. I had the Kale, Turnip and Bread Soup (so good), the Sweet Potato Empanadas with Chipotle Fig Sauce (repeat performance for those), and finished off with the jalapeno-lime sorbet. 

Look out Kurdistan - we're gaining on you!


  1. OK Kim you are definately giving me a different picture of Durham and after visiting Dos Perros web site which I saved to favorites that may be a destination very soon. I love unique dining experiences and this seem to be the place to try. Thanks again for your great advice.

  2. Hey Kim,
    Thanks for helping me think positively about Durham. I need to see the good. We have lived in Durham for nearly 20 years. Our kids went through the Durham school district. There were many good things but overall what a mess. The quite little neighborhood we live in has been a crime magnet the last couple of years. Nearly everyone has been broken into and a few weeks ago while I was out walking I nearly became involved in a home invasion shooting. Durham would be a great place if they would clean up the crime in our communities and our schools.
    Maybe it is taking a turn for the better....I hope so!

  3. @Kathiey - that is terrible!
    I did not mean to imply Durham is all better just because a few great restaurants opened and some pricey lofts are available. Certainly not.
    There's still a LOT of poverty - which equals crime (IMHO). And you're right, the schools need to be improved. I don't know how that stuff happens.
    TROSA opened a grocery store in North-East Central Durham, there had not been one there in a long time. Things like that are a start - I hope.