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Guess I'd Better a post this first day of 2011.

Ha! Now what?

Okay, see this? This is the best apron ever. Bought it at a garage sale in California for fifty cents back in 1996. This picture does not quite capture the garish lime green background color. It's very study, twill or something. I love it.

I have no resolutions. Not even fantasy ones, like I will never eat another starch/cookie/piece of chocolate/pie/cake again and I will weigh 140 by the end of January - wait! the end of this week.

Brunch was great, lots of good food and the usual suspects for good company, plus some new suspects. I wanted to say the food was delish, but then I'd sound like Rachael Ray and I'd want to punch myself in the face.

I think RM might be mad at me for fussing at her [gorgeous] Ragdoll cat Nicky when he got on the counter amongst all the food. Starting the new year off right. Making amends - day one.

I forgot to mention, if you make the Black Eyed Pea Salad, cut the oil down about half. It calls for a cup, a 1/3 or 1/2 cup is fine.

It feels like Sunday. Doesn't it? Next year it will be.

Hmmmm....I could read.
Or not.

Oscar is trying to tunnel through the door - can I not have a moment's peace?! Might as well have a dog. Discovered one reason why Lillie fusses (a.k.a. meows constantly) at me when she's in here - she wants my chair! 
Chair thief
Okay, posts can only go up from here in this new year, right?

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  1. Well girl our Rocky doesn't waste a minute to jump into our recliners when we get for any reason. We didn't have the salad but we did have blackeyed peas to follow the tradition. Check out my blog for a link to a great new years prayer. Catch you later.