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Bad News - Update

My French press broke this morning. The filter separated from the plunger part. I might be able to fix it, will investigate after it's not so hot.

Speaking of hot, Oscar, in a mad attempt to get a post breakfast head rub. stepped on the hot stove this morning. Ouch, Buddy!
I usually put the kettle back on the burner - for that very reason - but it was still whistling so I had taken it off. Guess Oscar can't see that little light that says "hot burner". He doesn't like his feet touched so it will be tricky accessing the damage. Tricky as in - he will bite me.


Oscar is fine, isn't even limping, so yay! I bet he will stay away from the stove from now on.
In French press land - the screw that holds the filter sandwich together had come unscrewed, so all is well there too.


  1. Oh no! I love my coffee in the morning...comfort food. One Christmas I woke up put the coffee on and nothing...thank goodness for Walgreens. Joe ran out and got me a new pot:-) I don't think they would have a French Press though. Hope Oscar is ok!

  2. Sorry about your technical difficulties and for Oscars misfortune. Maybe he'll think about the stove before he uses it for a path next time. Hope thr rest of your day goes well.

  3. Ack! Not the best morning you've ever had, huh? Praying things will improve...! Blessings, Debra