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Some New Pottery

Yes, yes - you can call me a pottery tart!

Last weekend I went up to Cedar Creek Gallery - I had a $50 gift certificate (from my former employers) burning a hole in my purse.

For under $4.00 I picked up this fabulous mug by Ellen Shankin. 
Isn't her stuff lovely? It's so graceful; has a Japanese feel to it. I almost got the butter dish, but this mug caught my eye and the price allowed me to get something else.

The something else was this...cup? bowl? by Ira Burhans.
Has my favorite ash glaze with a great celadon green interior.

Last but not least is an adorable bowl done by Steffi, (she's not at Cedar Creek - YET!) which was a gift.
(thank you!)
I'm waiting for it to tell me what to put in it.
(Pottery just can't rest on its arty laurels around here, it has to work too.)


  1. Beautiful pottery. Tell Steffi "great job on the bowl":-)

  2. I love it when my dishes (and shelves) speak to me!