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Mrs. GoodWrench

So today was nail day. It's been awhile. Those gel fill-in's were almost grown off her nails. I know, I know.

One of the aides had brought in one of her dog's nine (!) puppies. Mom was sitting on the couch petting it as it dreamed little puppy dreams next to her. She liked it. They said she'd babysat it all day.

I opened the car door for her and I guess she thought that meant she was driving since she got in on the driver's side. I had to go get her and bring her around to the passenger side. As I helped her with the seat belt, she said, "Get the slap on and let's get going!"

We went over to Mimi Day Spa because it's close, attractive, doesn't stink and has good magazines for the help (that would be me). They remember her and take a good long time (hours) to do a mani/pedi.
She talks nonsense to them, they answer back in their accents, no one understands much and everyone laughs. Good clean fun.

It was after five (suppertime) so we went next door to Dickie's Barbecue. Mom liked saying Dickies.  She said her coke was hot. Dipped her hush puppies in the barbecue sauce (after I stopped her from drinking it), and also ate some potato salad with one.
As we went to the car she belched and said "Pardon my wrench."
Then thought it was really funny when I said it a few minutes later.
It don't take much.
After we got back to CB, she was in the bathroom and wanted the aide to ask "her wife" something. A few minutes later I was back to Mommy again.
Oh, and I have purple shoes.


  1. You sure have some interesting experiences. Have a great evening.

  2. Thanks for making me smile Kim, after a very long busy day at work:-)

  3. "Pardon my wrench" is close enough. In fact, it may catch on.

  4. Purple Shoes, Purple Shoes...let's hear it for the artist now and formerly known as KP!
    Anon CP