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Contrary to Popular Belief

Crack does not look like this:

But like this:

Imagine Cocoa Puffs and popcorn got together and had a baby.
A delicious crunchy chocolaty baby. That's what this is. Times ten.

That Best By date of March 14, 2011?
Completely unnecessary Popcorn, Indiana people.

It won't make it to tomorrow.


  1. Now you've got me wanting some. Nice going Kim.

  2. So, would you get me some and when I see you I'll pay you back???? You can be my dealer, eh, eh, eh...

    Hoping to see you tomorrow!

  3. I have never seen crack before, but I have seen cocaine once, when I was on jury duty a couple of years ago....looked like powdered sugar to me:-)
    I love kettle pop corn just that touch of salty sweetness. Cocoa kettle corn sounds amazing....I can't wait to give it a try.