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Catching Up

Whew, is it Sunday already?! Tomorrow starts my first full week of work.

Yesterday I went with RM to pick up her third Ragdoll kitten. Her other two Ragdolls are a blue lynx point and a seal point mitted. I think the lynx point is my favorite look.
When the kitten (my "godcat") is grown, he'll look similar to this:
This marking is called bi-color.

Oh..I'm sorry. I completely drifted off into Crazy Cat Lady Land there.

Later ate dinner at Bull McCabe's, an excellent Irish pub on
Main Street, before going to see Kathleen Madigan, who was very funny.
I had Elizabeth's Spicy Veggie Burger - tasty good. Great garlic fries too.

Today, I did some laundry and bagged some leaves (two bags - only thirty more to go) - hey every day can't be as exciting as yesterday! Another post or two - about nothing (this is the Seinfield blog) and then Lark Rise to Candleford for a few hours.


  1. I just added Bull McCabe's to my wish list on urbanspoon. Sounds good.
    Have a great work week:-)

  2. One of you two should post some details about Bull McCabe's so Linda & I will know more about it.

  3. @ Odie - all nine of us enjoyed our meals.
    The soup (lentil) was deemed delicious, as were the fish and chips (Wooden Nickel's in Hillsborough gets my vote for the best around), someone got the chili hot dog on a pretzel bun and it looked mighty amazing, the BLT and salmon salad were also pronounced very good.
    It was loud - it was a sports bar on a Saturday night after all - so fair enough. Lunch might be less so. I would go back.

  4. Unsolicited review addition: Prices were very reasonable, wait staff helpful and not annoying, comfortable atmosphere. Agreed, KP?
    CP anon