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Moving Day

Most likely because of our nomadic life, about every three years I get restless. My brother said this happens to him too.

In my two and half years of marriage we lived in seven apartments in four cities - which was a little on the too much side. After that, The Boy and I lived in another four places before settling down at the same address for fifteen years - he went to the same school district his whole life!
Isn't it funny how you want what you don't have? Here I was kinda envious that he could recognize people from kindergarten walking down the street (and expect me to as well), and proud of the stability. And he hated living in the same place all that time. Go figure.

I don't remember the school grade by my age - until junior high. Before that it was where we lived. Kindergarten and half of first - Hawaii. Half of first through half of fourth - Guam. Half of fourth through sixth - Miami.

After moving back to Florida I lived in three places (one town) in seven years and the same here in NC (three towns, Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Durham).
Six out of the seven years I've "owned" a house, which leaves two options - new furniture or moving the furniture around. I usually pick the cheaper option. Even if it only stays that way for a day or two, it somehow calms the restless beast.
For another three years.


  1. In my long life I have only had to move 4 times and believe me moving furniture around is better that having to relocate it any day.

  2. One of the things I like about your blog is how aware you are of space and of objects. Your appreciation of things makes me want to look at why I keep certain objects in a certain place, or why I keep them at all.