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Guess what? Turns out when you're FU Over Fifty, you can stop shaving your legs and underarms.Which is really great news, because it frees up time to focus on my face - where it appears the hair from balding men all over the world is showing up. That's right - on MY face! Or would that be - my FACE! No, wait - MY FACE!


You know the perfect place to see all those wayward facial hairs? In the car, in direct sunlight. And where, speaking for myself only here, I NEVER HAVE A PAIR OF TWEEZERS. Nor is that the sort of thing you can do as you're, say, sitting in the driveway.
Dang it.

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  1. I get tickled at my wife sometimes when I spot her in the bathroom with shaving foam on a portion of her face and she is shaving. I look at my youngest sister and at the right angle she has a heavy crop of fuz. Sucks doesn't it?