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New Year's Eve 2009

So last night I'm on the phone with DebraLee, reminiscing about our dear friend John (oddly enough we were on the phone New Years Eve eight years ago, laughing and crying about our friend Sherman who had died that day.), when a call from Wynwood comes through. I let it go to voice mail and finish the call with DebraLee.

A., one of the staff at Wynwood, had called to say that Mom was telling everyone she was moving out tomorrow and he was calling to confirm. Huh?! Don't they have people saying stuff like that every day? He laughed and said yes, she usually forgets what she's said, but she hadn't this time, so he thought he'd check.
My immediate thought is the EBF Tom has said something. She doesn't answer her phone when I call. Maybe he's already come and picked her up (just how do you indicate sarcasm when writing?).

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