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My mother's house is closing this afternoon, after being on the dismal Florida market since June 2008. It surprised me how emotional this was.
I didn't really think Mom would ever live there again, but maybe somewhere in the way far back of my mind I had a fantasy? I had to have her declared incompetent in order to become the successor trustee and sign the paper work. Perhaps it's the finality of it. Maybe seeing in black and white the words "Alzheimer's dementia".

I moved back to Florida to be with my parents after my dad got sick.
I turned 40 in that house (no, that wasn't depressing at all.). My relationship with my father was healed in that house (trust me, it was all my fault. Really.). I got my beloved truck, Angus Og, (thanks Dad), when I lived in that house. I re-discovered photography while living in that house; became a prize-winning poet in that house.

Now my dad's gone, the truck's gone, the dog's gone, my mother, for all practical purposes, is gone, and after today, the house is too.


  1. Congrats and condolences on the closing. We sold my parents' house that they had been in for 25 years last year and it wasn't easy. I'm sending happy thoughts your way, if that means anything.

  2. Good vibes coming your direction. Sounds kind of like a chapter closing.. which mean a new one is ready to open. Right? :-)

  3. Sounds like you did a lot of re-birthing there.
    In the end, it's all good.
    Your photography, poetry and bloggery (?) flow out of this place. It's expansive, really.

  4. Thanks Manxsters, Kristy. You're right, a lot of birthing happened there.
    The emotional response surprised me, I didn't think the house was important, only lived there 3.5 years, but perhaps it was more significant than I thought.