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When I went to pick Mom up for dinner Friday, she was sitting in the lounge area across from her room; it's a pleasant room with a couch, several chairs, and a large flat screen TV. She was happy to see me, patted the couch and said to come sit by her, so I did and we commenced to watching "Dogtown" on Animal Planet.

During a commercial she said, "Look" and showed me her left ear lobe. It was ripped in half. Immediately my elbows felt icky. (You know the wobbly feeling you get when you look over a cliff? That's what my elbows feel like around gross medical type things. Weird I know.)
Naturally, she had no idea when or how it happened, said it didn't hurt. We continued to watch the show and my elbows had a chance to settle down.

We stopped by the Med cart to show A. her ear. (Even typing this my elbows feel icky.) There was talk of the ER to get it stitched up. Mom got puffed up like a bantam hen at the mention of that.
A. gets the nurse, she looks at it - and it's completely healed up on the inside pieces!
Basically, Mom now has a forked earlobe.
I imagine her earring got caught in her shirt when she was taking it off and she pulled the earring right through her earlobe (uggghhhhh.). It had to hurt like an SOB. Yikes.

I had asked if we could wash her hair before we went out, she said sure. She is not good at following directions anymore and kept saying she didn't like it while I was washing her hair. We did it with her leaning her head in the shower, water got everywhere, her pants got wet, but dammit, her hair was clean. 

Anyhoo, we had a nice dinner at Rick's Diner. My friend Sandy and I ate there Wednesday night; had a wonderful dish of grilled chicken breast on top of roasted grape tomatoes, asparagus, and white beans in a warm lemon basil vinaigrette. It was so good I had it again Friday night (the beans could have cooked another 15 minutes Friday). Mom had fried shrimp with coleslaw, potato salad and chocolate cake for dessert.
The people at the next table said something about a "little girl" during conversation, Mom says "That's me!" and starts laughing, which makes me laugh. She is hilarious sometimes.
Someone asked me if it's embarrassing; the behavior isn't, if I think of her as a five year old, it's all good. The dirty hair is an issue, it would be to her too if she was aware of it because she was always so well groomed.

I thought I'd bring in the VA paperwork for her to sign, just see where she was in the name game. I asked to to write her name on another piece of paper first, she couldn't. Kept reading the other side of the paper, handing it back to me, saying she'd do it later. Then I wrote her name and asked if she could copy it. She made the A and that was all she wrote. Literally.
Guess we have to go with the X method.


  1. Your mom was so cute!

    My grandpa had Alzheimer's and it is funny how you get desensitized to being embarrassed. I took him to lunch once and came back from the bathroom to find him slowly walking through the restaurant, standing in front of people's tables and staring at the artwork on the walls next to their tables. I think he thought he was in an art museum. I just stood next to him and let him look.

  2. So true. I was talking to my sister Thursday night and told her that I still see the serious stink eye she gave me over wrestling with Mom over a sugar packet for her iced tea (she has diabetes). "WTF, let her have the GD sugar, who cares!?"
    She was right. What does it matter?
    Now I just go with the flow. She's usually happy and I can make her laugh about things most of the time.