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Mother's Day

My mom loved getting cards. Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Columbus Day (just seeing if you were paying attention), she was the perfect Hallmark audience.
She would rather have received a card, the mushier the better, than most anything else - unless you were my father. Then you had better be presenting jewelry.

Every single card, not just the Christmas ones, would be hung on the wall by the front door for weeks, a proclamation of how much she was loved by her family and friends, then taken down and saved for posterity.
She kept a tally, "So-and-so didn't send me a card this year.", and would spend several days trying to divine what it meant in regard to their relationship. Were they sick, mad at her, or merely forgetful? Maybe she should call and see if they were okay.

Now cards are incomprehensible missives from strangers, merely glanced at, then stacked on dressers or floor and shuttled around to new hiding places every week.

So what exactly do you get someone who really doesn't know she's a mother anymore?


  1. You give her honor, patience and a listening ear.
    Wrapped in love.

    Oh and make sure to give yourself the same thing.

  2. Have to agree with Manxsters... Dear Kimmie.... your heart is so huge. Happy Mothers Day... as you are now the mother of your mother.