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Mom's like the gym for me, if one session is missed, it's hard to get back in the routine.
I do the "floppy dance" (any mother knows what that looks like) every week, like a kid who is being forced to do something they don't want to do.
What's my problem? It's not hard. It's usually fun, in some weird twisted way. I only do it once a week. It's not like she lives with me. It's just hard seeing my mother like that, week after week. After week. And it's just me. I know, I know. I am being a big fat sucky baby. At least I still have a mother. At least she's still fairly functional. And on and on. Believe me, I know the drill. It doesn't change a thing. I still do the floppy dance.

I finally hauled my lazy selfish ass over last night, after almost two weeks, (no, I didn't go over on Mother's Day.), and of course, it was just fine. I called first and she hung up on me, unknowingly I'm sure. I called back and the phone rang until the phone company decided that was enough and ended the call.

Lo and behold, she was sitting in the lobby/living room! With her fashion forward, belted, layered look (three shirts, blue, green, pink). She stood up and shook my hand, then put her hand on my leg and asked what that was for.

I swear I'm going to remember all the loopy stuff she says, but I can never can. There's too much. We're in line in the K&W Cafeteria and she asks where my hands are. "On the ends of my arms." "Where are yours?" "I don't know, but I have some." Alrighty then.

There's a cute baby at the next table, playing peekaboo and laughing. Mom proclaims it "wonderful". She is always walking up to small children and babies, it makes me nervous.
If she ever thinks that baby is ugly, she is going to say it. Out loud. To the mother.

I know this is a highlight of the entry for you all, so here's what she had for supper:
Ham, deviled eggs, potato salad, turnip greens, carrot & raisin salad and lemon meringue pie. I was cutting up her ham and she asked if I was doing it for the baby.
In a way, yes.
She was going to eat her deviled eggs with a spoon, then I had to go and say something like - just pick it up and eat it with your fingers. She put the spoon down and gave me such a look! Glared at me, then turned her head and looked off in the distance - for about thirty seconds, then she was back to normal.

Now I need to work on my motivation for next week.


  1. Hey Kim,
    I love to read your posts. They are sweet, difficult, heartwarming, funny and sad all at the same time. Hang in there!:-)

  2. I love the floppy dance! I do it all the time... for so many things! But I never knew what to call it! Thanks for the picture.