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Cats Like Clean Sheets


  1. I am sure Rocky would appreciate clean ones too

  2. So cute! -- in an only-a-cat-owner-would-think-so sort of way. Anon CP

  3. Oh sweetness!
    Every time I change the sheets my cat Hadley and I play a long (I mean LONG) game with the sheets. My job is to stand at the foot of the bed and gently toss the bottom sheet up into the air and let it fall slowly, slowly, slowly over her. Then I make no move for a while as the sheet settles down around her. The gentle fall and the shadows and movement of the cloth all combine to entrance her. The moment the settling stops, I do it again. Eventually, I get the bottom sheet on and then I do the toss/fall with the top sheet. Same deal. Same calm fascination on her part.
    What's that you say? Too much time on my hands? Not enough as far as she's concerned. The game always ends before she's ready.