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Oh The Horror!

So last night I was looking forward to watching the last disc of Weeds season 6 and the DVD tray wouldn't open! Worked just fine Friday night. You can imagine my dismay. And the many minutes of pressing buttons that ensued.

No cable and now no DVD? Downright un-American. What's an addict to do?!
I decided to go all Scarlett O'Hara on the situation and played the Nintendo DS until I got sleepy.

This morning I went through my instruction manuals which are saved with receipts in a binder. Laugh all you want, but when I forget how to program my thermostat or want to know when I bought my low flow toilet - I know where to go.

There under "troubleshooting" was my problem: Tray lock mode enable. (exactly how it's worded)
And the answer is: Disable tray lock mode. Great! Yay! EXCEPT THEY DON"T TELL YOU HOW TO DO THAT!!!!
Or how I might have "enable" tray lock mode in the first place. W. T. F.

I went online. The answer: unplug the device for 2-3 minutes. Basically reboot.
I did.
Tray still doesn't open. Thanks for nothing Toshiba.

The DVD player is only 4 years old, that seems too soon for it to be on the fritz. But they are so cheap now that it would be uneconomical to take it somewhere for repair.


  1. Yes Kim as cheap as they are you just pitch it and go to Walmart and get another one. Sad but true.

  2. Or look on the remote, which probably has a bunch of labels that don't make any sense, and push them all (not sure what you meant by your minutes of pushing buttons--all of them?)--one may be the "enable tray lock" button that a cat stepped on or something.
    And if that fails, well then...I'm with Odie. Time for a new one. These products are not built to last, sadly. I just replaced a TV for Alice that was only 3 years old.