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I Got You...

Hung out with Mom after work this afternoon.
Took her the birthday card from Aunt Trish that I kept forgetting to give her, and after several discussions about just whose birthday it was for she said, "Well, I have it now and you too Mommy."

We sat outside in a courtyard for a few minutes, enjoying the sun (keeping in mind the skin cancer) and these giant purple flowers I think were some sort of clematis.
They looked similar to this:

There were four other people enjoying the weather with us.
To our left were two woman I thought might have been sisters, but turns out they were mother and daughter. As the daughter explained how she got to be the child, ("You and Daddy married..."), the mother seemed taken aback by the whole sordid affair. "I don't think that's right, I'm your daughter!"

Mom started to pick at a piece of skin on her hand. I patted her hand to stop the picking.
Nice kitty. (Just to be silly)
"You made me a kitty?"
"Oh wow. That's a lot of harridan."
Sure is.

We strolled and sat, strolled and sat until it was time for her supper and I came home to feed those bratty harridans.


  1. I always have liked that song

  2. Aww... I always enjoy your 'mom and me' posts. I can see the both of you and the others in your stories and I always read along with a smile --probably in places that didn't seem all that funny to you at the time--forgive me, please. Oh, I think you meant sordid affair, right? heh.... :) Thanks for sharing your days and stories with us....Blessings, Debra

  3. You're right Debra - that is what I meant! Thanks. :)

  4. EMF was THIS CLOSE to hopping on that sordid situation, so I'm glad lovely Debra got to you first. ;}

    And Cher was so cute. She should have never had plastic surgery or changed out of that outfit. She probably did the right thing about Sonny though.

    Anon CP