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The Countdown

I don't know about you, but for several weeks after the "spring forward" daylight savings time change, I'll say to myself, [if it's nine o'clock], "It's really only eight o'clock." Eventually, the change becomes real.

That's kind of what's happening now.
It's been one week today since Mom was buried, two weeks tomorrow since she died, three weeks tomorrow since I got sick...

I am deep in executrix mode, which sucks for a closer such as myself.
Everything hinges on something else - mostly death certificates - which I still don't have (two weeks tomorrow...).
And I discovered she did not claim her C.G. pension the tax year prior to her moving up here, so I need to file an amended return. I can't close accounts and divide up the "estate" until all this is taken care of.
But first wait for the 1099-R form, then file, then...more waiting.

Waiting. The bane and curse of the closer...

Here's a couple of things I've learned the last few days:
- When someone tells you they need a "sanitized" version of the death certificate - that means one without the cause of death.
- Make sure you get copies with the cause of death and some "sanitized" ones. Because of HIPPA laws, some places can't file them if the cause of death is on them.
- Do NOT tell the cable company the reason you are canceling the service - they want a death certificate. Really cable company?! I am paying YOU money, not the other way around, I don't need to prove anything to you. Unbelievable.
If you pitch a big enough fit, they will transfer your crabby indignant self to someone who will cancel it - no questions asked.

I'm not sad (yet), more...incomplete. As if something was missing or I'm forgetting to do something.

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  1. Aw... give yourself at least six months or even a year to take care of all this. I think it took my mom that long to take care of my dad's 'death business.'Hang in there... this, too, shall pass.

    Oh and wishing you a very lovely Christmas. Thinking of you now and always... And thanks for that link to the article yesterday--I'll definitely be looking it up because I love stuff like that! Hugs, Debra