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Fried Corn - Start to Finish

CSA Silver Queen corn
Google "fried corn" and you'll find a lot of recipes out there that add sugar, water, and whatnot. Really not necessary.
I make it the way my mother made it (the way your mother makes it is, as everyone knows, the right way), except I substitute olive oil for bacon grease. (she used vegetable oil in the later years)
The one rule - it HAS to be done in a cast iron skillet.
Shucked and clean

Thirteen ears of  corn - off the cob
Here's the recipe: corn, salt, pepper and some kind of fat. I can't tell you how long to saute the corn, you just know when it's done.

I put a lot of pepper in mine because, well, I like pepper.

When you pull this out of the freezer in winter - it's like a summer miracle.
I could eat this all day and all night. It was one of the foods I asked for when I came to visit.
Great-grandmother's cast iron skillet

The finished product - ready for the freezer


  1. Looks really yummy Kim. Thanks.

  2. My cast iron skillet is a mess (rust, etc.) and I don't know how to clean it. Do you have any advice?

  3. Looks great, makes me hungry:-)

  4. @ Andrea - I scrubbed the rust off GG-Ma's with salt (kosher works great) and then started from scratch using the tips at The Splendid Table.

    @ Kathiey - My food photos want to be like your food photos when they grow up! :)