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Smarter Than the Average Bear

Yeah, you are - all ya'll are.
I'm sure you've noticed I am NOT sticking to my Mom visitation schedule. Gah. Nothing like showing my flaws to thirty five people over the interwebz. Well, so what. I'm imperfect - now you know.

I'm going to distract you with a photo:
Is that photo blurry or is it the Gruner Veltliner?

Here's another:
The fan is going (even though it doesn't look like it) and that girl is enjoying the breeze.

It's been HOT and HUMID - for example - two days ago it was 79 degrees at 8:00 AM and we topped out in the triple digits.
Today it was in the 80's. Lovely. 65 at 7:30 AM. Nice huh?

My niece, who lives in Juneau, Alaska, has been complaining about how hot it's been up there. Their idea of hot is 70. Oh hush now.

My friend Steffi is in Portugal for a week, then off to Cannes to meet our mutual friend Barbara, then they are both heading to Italy. Steffi comes back and Barbara stays in Italy for a few months.

Speaking of travel, I'm reading The Cruelest Journey by Kira Salak. She retraces the journey of Scottish explorer Mungo Park down the Niger river to Timbuktu. Except she does it solo - in a kayak. It's the kind of book my dad would have enjoyed.

Taking a hiatus from  Deadwood. Because there's a short wait for Season 1 Disc 3.
Huh? Do I have so much influence that everyone is jumping on NetFlix to rent the DVD's? I think not.
So WTF NetFlix?
Burn Notice is in the queue now, then True Blood.

One day soon, I am going to write something interesting. Really.

In the meantime - I'm going to need the broomstick of the witch, okay? (Pay no attention...)

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  1. My boss & his family are on a cruise up north stopping in Maine and Canada with temps that are supposed to be in the high 60' to low 70's. I wish.