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Daisy Chain

A month or so back, a friend posted the following on FB: 
I promise to (sometime in 2011) send something handmade, by me, to the first 5 people who leave a comment to this update. 
But, if you comment, you in turn must promise to post this same message, and send something handmade by your first 5 posters. 
I was poster #5 and received this:
 My favorite colors - purple and green! Trees are already starting to flower here (so very wrong), so I will have to wait until next winter to enjoy it more.
As promised, I then posted the above on MY FB status and got my five recipients (well, actually four, since one of them was not serious).
Several of my peeps (who shall remain anonymous :) misunderstood the instructions and thought they were supposed to give me something handmade back in return. 
Because of the misinterpretation, lucky me received this charming walnut wood bowl. Perfect for paperclips, rubber bands, change, or candy, (my preference), which was included! (The Boy made the green pottery vase behind the bowl.)
Last night three of us went to the Boxcarr Farms First Friday small plates at 3Cups. Saw one person we met last month and met a new person. We swapped great restaurants and menus from the area. 
Here was the menu from last night:
  • yellow tomato soup with bacon, grilled sandwich w/ smoked mozzarella
  • sweet potato cake with kale, poached egg, hollandaise
  • porter-braised oxtail with rapini, gnocchi
  • arugula and bresaola (air-dried beef) salad with shaved radish, egg, asiago, herb dressing
  • grapefruit upside down cake with lemon cream, apricot/brandy gastrique

I had the sweet potato cake (my favorite), the salad, and the dessert (the cake was a bit dry).
 Today was nice. A walk, complete with surprise visit from A., home from college for the weekend, and then the movie "Rango". I totally recommend it. 
Then I drove into Carrboro to Vepertine's new second shop (Yay Ginna!) and bought another bar of my favorite goat's milk soap from Anole Nook Farm. After that, a quick dash into A Southern Season for some noshy things for tomorrow's book club and then home - where my leaves had been done, thanks to W. Whew, safe from the HOA overlords for another day!
Listened to some Brian Eno as I wrote this. "Small Craft on a Milk Sea" and "The Pearl". Lovely. 
And for something completely different, I also downloaded my favorite XTC album "Black Sea" (1980 - yikes!), "Towers of London" - yes, yes, yes. Still holds up today, IMHO.
A roast beef and horseradish cheese sandwich, chips, and an apple for dinner, now I'm off to watch some "United States of Tara".


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  1. Lucky you, Kim. I got that same thing on FB and ignored it. That'll teach me.

    Boy's got an eye for color.