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Mom had a dermatologist appointment today for a spot on her nose. The spot was frozen back in August and seemed to be fine until now.
She was excited to be going and jumped up (okay, not literally) from the couch, raring to go.
"Okay, let's get 'um!"
When I told her we were going to the doctor, she looked a little Georgia mule-ish and said she didn't like him. I reminded her that this was a woman and she perked right back up.

As we rounded the corner, she pointed out the office and knew that she had been there before. So weird. 
We picked up a National Geographic to peruse whilst we waited.
"I used to have one of those." She pointed to the human skull on the cover.
I hope you still do.

Oh, yes. I am hilarious.
She thinks so.

A photo of a peacock was pronounced pretty and an advertisement with a couple kissing was worthy of a second and third look. She made a remark that was equal to "oh la la" in dementiaville. (like Margarettaville, but sub anti-psychotics for the tequila).
Then she got caught up in counting the stones on a necklace in another ad.

We had to help her up on to the chair, the paper made it slippery.
There were actual tiny scissors involved and needles for numbing and stuff. She was quite brave and really didn't make a peep except to say "icky" several times.  They're sending it off for a biopsy; we should know next week. When I told her she was brave she said, "I know. I'm like that."

We drove next door to the bank to make her VA deposit (hopefully next month the direct deposit will be set up.), Maybe there was something in that shot they gave her, she had several spells.
"Dilly dilly ding dong."
Whew, not sure what that was about, but she cracked herself up when she said that.

The bandage bugged her, but she had no recollection that she had just had a piece of flesh removed from her face.
I said we have to pray that it's not cancer.
That was THE MOST fantastically funny thing ever said - by anyone - in the history of the world.

No really, we don't want that.
"Well, it could be okay."
Um, no. Guaranteed, cancer is never ever a good time.
"Oh c'mon!"
What, is it be nice to cancer day?!

She laughed so hard she almost choked.
I can't do the Heimlich when I'm driving.


  1. Can-cer is a cousin of Ben-Hur maybe? :)

  2. Oh to have seen all this on video. It would be priceless.