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The Redbuds Are Coming!

It is prime redbud season around here right now. From pink to almost maroon, they make me smile with their loveliness.

I love Dogwoods too. They start out as lemony-lime colored buds and then become the ethereal white flower. (pink is good too) They seem like they might have come from Lothl√≥rien, the way the flowers appear to be suspended in the air by some magical elven power.


  1. Love your redbud picture. We have a small one in our front yard with beautiful blooms on it even in all this cold.
    Have a good one Kim:-)

  2. Thanks Kathiey. I can't take credit for either one - got them off the internet. :)

  3. Colors are everywhere and this season is my all time favorite. Blossoms are everywhere you look and I can't get enough of them. Have a great week Kim.

  4. Redbuds--beautiful! Love that name, too. We don't have them here but our flowering trees are starting to bloom. Still pouring but winter's nearly done at last.