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The Doors

When I was in Northern Ireland oh so many years ago, I took many pictures of doors. Here's a couple of them.

Do you notice anything different about this door? I'll wait...

That's right, there's no doorknob. That small plate you see on the right of the door is the lock, it has a space at the bottom of the plate just big enough for your index finger to slide into. And that's how you open and close the door. Minimalist to be sure.

Gardening is an art form over there and just about every entry had either hanging flower baskets or flower pots on the doorstep.

Both of these were taken in Portadown, County Armagh. The Orange Gates were up in force in the Protestant part of town
when we were there. It was kinda creepy. There's a "peace line", as there is in Belfast, separating the Catholic section from Protestant, but we did not see it.
This is the church of St. Marks in downtown Portadown.

We stopped in Portadown on our way to Armagh as we had to change buses there. We went a couple of times.

A building right across from the bus stop had been blown up the year before, I believe by the IRA.


  1. Ah... Sweet memories, my True Companion. Tattooed on my heart... (and on your back)... Was just thinking about it this morning. Was in a shop called Swanky Trash, here in Santa Rosa. Made me remember the shop in Belfast called Fresh Garbage where I bought some cute vintage earrings. Do you remember that shop?

  2. Yes, I remember Fresh Garbage, still have a bracelet I bought there. And my Guinness socks, (which have a hole in them after 16 years!) that I bought somewhere in Belfast that day and my two Guinness pint glasses from the Bus Bar.

  3. Memories like that are worth hanging onto KE I thank you for sharing them with us. Hope it was a great weekend for you. I have pictures of our adventure with the goats at Celebrity Dairy over at my blog.

  4. Guinness for Strength