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Been a Long Time

And if you're expecting I'll have something interesting to say after my hiatus - you are so, so wrong.

Well, a bit late, at least for those who had interaction with me, I figured out why I felt so fragile week before last.
Last Saturday marked the twelfth year of my dad's death. Those anniversary traumas can sneak up on one. Everything was all relationship overboard! I'd throw them the lifeline, but it would hit them in the head and knock them unconscious. Trying to fix it made it worse. Ugh. I HATE that. Makes me want to be a hermit.
I almost didn't go on the Jordan Lake sunset cruise. Because the only thing worse than being in all that crap - is  talking about it; doing that in my head non-stop already. Playing the tape over and over, re-winding...that's where I said x and then they said y and...
Anyway. All patched up for now.

Today is Mother's Day - another Hallmark holiday. Grumble, grumble, grumble. I am SO LIKE MY FATHER. Who loved his mother - but hated holidays. (My mother swore he liked Christmas more than she did, but I didn't believe her.) Forced allegiance to whatever retail buying scheme is attached to the said holiday. How many guilty Mother's Day crappy brunches will be had today? How much money spent on roses that don't smell and will never open (just droop)?
 If you love your mom, you love her everyday - not just today when you're told you're supposed to. If you don't - she already knows it. One day of BS and a sappy card you don't mean is not going to change it. Save your money.

I have issues people.

Speaking of mothers, the woman formerly known as my mother, has not been seen in awhile. I still have Easter toys for her, shampoo and body wash.
I know I've said this before, but I don't like going to CB. Sigh.

Strange flowers at Cedar Creek Gallery

My neighbor's roses


  1. It really is a crap Hallmark holiday, like so many of the others. That being said, I slept in, b/c it's not like Adam makes that offer all that many other times. Then I woke up but read under the covers instead of going downstairs. Didn't feel an ounce of guilt opening my Best Mom in the World card, either.

    What? Reading is IMPORTANT. Literacy is KEY. (It was a thriller. Shh.)

    Hang in there with the visits...

  2. I know Kim. Sometimes things are just plain hard. Hang in there. I really like your photos:-)