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Because I am a lemming, just like everyone else, iGoogle is my home page; on iGoogle you can add fun widgets to personalize your page.
Here are my widgets, starting on the left: date and time, Google Calendar, daily quotes (love quotes!), Wikihow, Word Monkey (dictionary); middle column: moon phases, Gmail, Google Reader (all the blogs I follow in one place - when you have a new post - Google Reader tells me); right column: the local weather, NPR Topics: News,  BBC News, and

Wikihow is how-to's.
Today's are "How to Recommend Someone on Tumblr" (I don't even know what Tumblr is, so probably won't read that one); "In Honor of Conan Doyle's Birthday - How to Develop Your Sherlock Holmes Intuition"; and finally, "How to Eat a Banana".

Gee, thanks Wikihow!

Now I'm off to develop my Sherlock Holmes intuition.

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  1. I use Google as a juming off place and have not personalized the page at all. May check in to it.