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I Love Portuguese

I know, I've said this before.
French used to be my favorite foreign language, but, sorry Francais, you have been replaced by the very sexy, round language of Portuguese. (Do languages have shapes to you or it that just me? For instance, German is very sharp and pointy, like a triangle; Spanish is oval.)

So here is a Portuguese 101 video (the young man is ADORABLE!)
Hello = Oi.
(In Cockney, Oi means WTF?! or Hey! or something similar.)

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  1. My daughter once had a friend from Brazil and I thought it would be good to say some things in her language. I discovered as was in the video you posted that some of their phrases actually are pronounced in a way that I could not master. Kind of a roll of the tongue. I gave up pretty quickly. Did you see my post on the Grand Asia Market? Linda & I had fun there.