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Thank God That's Over

It is now safe to roam about the cabin.

I can also change my Facebook photo from this:

back to this:

or maybe even this:

OMGah! Thank you TJ Maxx for perpetuating the crazy cat lady persona. ( can hear all the dog people congratulating themselves on being dog people...even if they have twenty yappy little dogs who never shut up and their yard consists of only dog poop and no-one can come in their house without a courtesy leg hump - they are feeling might-tee fine about having canines right now...)

Yes, I went on over to CB on Mother's Day. We wandered around, sat outside, where she scratched her legs and said "Iggy", about nine thousand times.
Then we changed her underwear/diaper. She kept saying "iggy" then too.
Not half as iggy as it was for me.
I would like to never do that again please.

When I came home, W., the youngest daughter of the people I used to work for, (known her since she was four - she'll be seventeen in the fall.), had left this card on my doorstep:

I know it was from her because a few years ago, while we (her parents/my employers, W. and myself) were shopping for office furniture, the salesman, making conversation with an eight year old, asked if I was her grandmother. (I'm younger than her parents.) She thought it was HILARIOUS. And couldn't wait to relay that conversation at dinner.
So now I get her cards from Grandma on her birthday and she calls me that when I show up at school functions. Good times. (no, really, it is pretty damn funny.)

Fie on Mother's Day anyway though.

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