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CSA Produce

Yesterday - CSA Saturday. Broccoli, chard, kale (I am starting to feel about kale like people do about zucchini), and eggs. There was talk of honey the week before, but Chris was out tending to her sick mother and the new intern didn't mention it. And I forgot about it until later in the day.

Anyway, as we speak (so to speak), last week's kale is in the sink with ice cubes; hoping it will rehydrate because I'm making kale chips dammit.

I sauteed the chard with garlic in a little olive oil and finished it with a couple drops (that stuff is potent) of toasted sesame oil and a splash of rice vinegar. photography is an art form not meant for camera phones. It tasted a LOT better than it looks in this picture. It looks like it has spores growing on it, but I think it's the sheen of the olive oil.

Lillie, the noisy girl cat, loves her some greens and goes crazy for me to feed her romaine lettuce, kale or chard.

Lunch tomorrow: cucumbers and broccoli.
Making up for the Five Guys burger (oh, okay. true confessions: and fries) that was yesterday's supper. And the strawberry tart at book club today.


  1. Now you have made me very hungry

  2. Love Five Guys & the strawberry tart sounds good too:-) I have never tried Kale. I have always thought it would be bitter. I will try it next chance I get. I did try some type of "greens" a few weeks ago. Just not my cup of tea. I think next year I will try to do the weekly produce thing. It would be a fun adventure in food.
    Take Care