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Fullsteam Ahead

Allison is visiting from DC and as she is a fellow beer liker, last night we made the pilgrimage to Fullsteam Brewery in Durham. They use local ingredients to brew up some tasty beer - like sweet potato lager or hogwash smoked porter, (good but strong smoky flavor; not sure I could do a full pint of that.)
We had half pints so we could share more beer. :)
We also tried the sparkling pear (9% alcohol!), the cream ale - which was my favorite, and summer basil farmhouse ale (had the taster size of this one).
Outside, The Sausage Wagon was waiting for us with a bratwurst with caramelized onions and homemade stone ground mustard that cleared my sinuses! Oh so good.

The Pie Pushers truck was across the street at Motorco. Several people had some of their wares inside Fullsteam and they looked delicious. Motorco is where Yum Yum Supper Club, (provided by the fine folks at Boxcarr Farms - they of the First Fridays deliciousness at 3Cups), will be next week!

Dogs and children welcome

Pick your local brewed beer!

When we left, several people were looking up at the sky. So of course, we did too. This is what we saw:

Tonight - Drag Bingo!
Durham - I love you.

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