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A Few Things

I took two videos of Mom today on my phone, she was being hilarious and cracking herself (and me) up, but they are too big to email to my email. Should have done it on the camera. Plus you can't hear her. Shoot.

The view heading into Chapel Hill Wednesday night for dinner at Butternut Squash with a good friend...
(they have the BEST sweet potato fries in the world)

Flowers next to Only Burger and the vines growing on the roof of the walkway - same place.

First Fridays at 3Cups tonight - that means Boxcarr Farms. They outdid themselves again:
Cucumber and potato vichyssoise with yogurt cream, fresh pasta with broccoli rabe and spring onions, tamarind-glazed pork belly over braised green tomatoes with green garlic broth. 
oh my god - so good.
They are doing the Yum Yum Supper Club's next dinner (week after next), it is going to be amazing.

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