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Hard Day's Night

Yesterday was busy. And hot.
Walk at 8:30, followed by a delicious breakfast at Foster's, then out to Hillsborough to drop off some real estate flyers and pick up the CSA treasure of the week (broccoli, red cabbage, cukes and honey.)
Home for the second shower of the day and there was barely time for a brief rest before volunteering at Drag Bingo aGaga.
It was packed last night, they raised over $11,000! We cooked [well, Dewey cooked - we wrapped] every hot dog in the place and my hamstrings are paining me from all the bending over to fill cups with ice.

Allison had a good time - she won one of the door prizes, the last bingo game, AND had her picture taken with Mary K Mart, AND Claire in her sparkly disco Lady Gaga inspired outfit. (That picture is hopefully NOT blurry since it was taken on a REAL camera and Allison will send me a copy.)
I mean really, does it get any better than that?!
I think not.
The fabulous Claire

The also fabulous Mary K Mart and Allison

This morning we had breakfast at Guglhupf, then she went off to her conference and I went home to rest.

And now I am making kale chips dammit! Because it's 100 degrees out there and I need to turn on the oven. It's just how I am.

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