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Has It Really Been Two Weeks OR What The Hell Have I Been Doing?

Whoa, what the heck HAVE I been doing?
Losing weight for one. (-10 and counting...) Yay! "meat" diet.

Who knew a box of Popsicles a night (aka supper) coulda been throwing a wrench in the old losing weight game plan?! Heh.

Meanwhile, people torture me on their Facebook pages:
My niece made this crepe filled with vanilla pumpkin creme and drizzled with caramel. FOR BREAKFAST!

It's a good thing she lives in Alaska. :)

Allison did this:
Sugar cookies with orange sugar syrup glaze
She makes sure to mention that about 1/2 of the cookies have tiny pieces of dark chocolate in them.

These two need to have a bake off. And a cookbook.

As CP says: pumpkin creme and orange sugar cookies can go to hell. (actually she said that about fruit - same diff.)

Ate at Gourmet Kingdom again last Sunday. Lotus root is my new favorite vegetable (thanks D. for the recommendation). I can't describe the taste, except maybe incredible.

What else? Lots of brain stretching at work.
Imagine being a dispatcher with: ten instructors, five or more classes a day in various parts of the world (two simultaneously in India every day), coordinating across multiple GMT zones, conference bridges, and virtual machines. Oh and the printing...40 books shipped here, 2 books shipped there, 60 books printed in India and shipped here and there...
Every day we (I) get three/four/five new rosters of 15 people each, which cannot be copied and pasted easily into the template we use to send out emails telling them what machine they're on, their access code, conference bridge, etc. First name needs to be in a separate cell from last name, then the email.
I have "the claw" by the end of the day from doing Ctrl c, Ctrl v 225 times.
AND we haven't even ramped up yet!

Here's another video from Ok Go, the folks that brought you the treadmill video a few weeks back.

Most of their videos are fun, but this is my favorite:

Also like Collections of Colonies of Bees: (just music) 

Been watching Pee Wee Herman's Playhouse. What a great show. I love Jambi.


  1. I got a mention!! Yay! And congrats on the ten lbs! Rock on :)

  2. Proud of your 10 lb loss girl, keep up the good work and thanks for the videos.