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Photos of the Day

On my walk at Booker Creek this morning, there was a blast of summer:
Last of the honeysuckle

Then some of the Gals met at in Pleasantville to get the low down on one of our own who was in the hospital last night after a possible heart attack. Enzyme tests say no. (yay!) She is home now and resting comfortably.

Three of us went out to Woodcrest Farm for the CSA, which is in a slight between season lull; there are still eggs, peppers, eggplants, melons, Roma tomatoes, and Tucker, the best, sweetest Border Collie ever. (no picture of him this time)

My first art purchase was a pastel of eggplants

Swiss Chard time again

After that CP and I went to Heavenly Garden Kingdom or Gourmet Garden or Holy Moly This is Good - a Chinese restaurant in Carrboro.
(real name is Gourmet Kingdom)

This is not your standard Americanized Chinese restaurant.
There was tripe, duck tongue, fish maw (great word!), lamb (not the first meat that comes to mind when thinking Chinese right?), Stinky tofu appetizer, and egg plan (hahaha).

We had the Salt and Pepper Prawns and Stir Fried Green Beans. We ate every last one of every last thing (no rice). The mystery stuff in the beans (which were delicious!) was pickled cabbage.
I stopped at the next table on the way out, embarrassing CP with her good Southern manners, and asked about their dishes. Tripe soup that looked amazingly good, (was informed it would be too hot for me), and the Pecan Prawns, those are on for next time.
(do you say pee-can or pa-con? I'm ambidextrous.)

This is going to be a European evening, meeting a friend at Saffron at 8 for dinner, then a movie at 9:45.

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  1. Oh, now! Nobody was embarrassed! Our fellow diners seemed to love critiquing their food for you while they ate it! LOL Read the reviews on the link -- yes! -- remember how we wanted to put on disguises purchased from Military Sid's and return to have second lunch?
    CP Anon