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Oh, And...

I have a new phone.

Still not sure I like it. I've already taken one [of the same phone] back because it went through the battery overnight when it wasn't doing anything.

- I have zero reception at work in my windowless office. Or anywhere else at work for that matter, except the parking lot. While the other two people who are on the same freaking network/plan have coverage all over the place and come into my office talking on their phones to taunt me. Joshua, my reluctant BF over at the AT&T store, said I should get reception in my office - since other people do.

- It's a smartypants phone with a big screen - yet videos are crappier than they were on my smaller not smartypants phone. What's with that?!

It takes pretty good pictures.

Yesterday, after seeing it in the Southern Season weekly email, I bought some of this:

It is good but salty (lots of salt - 200 mg in 1 teaspoon); slathered some on my eggs this morning.
Figure it was offset by the lower sodium bacon.

I can see it pepping up soup or stews come winter. Or meatloaf.

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