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Been Getting Some Flack

about the music posted here lately.

What makes a song or music appealing to a person? Who knows.

For me it's often imagery. Chris Bathgate is kinda my new favorite singer/songwriter. He seems Southern to me, but he is a Midwesterner from Michigan.  His songs have a dark edge to them, but they are beautiful too. NPR said they are "dusky and deliberate". I like that.

"Poor Eliza" reminds me of Cold Mountain. No, wait. Outer Dark. Like Cormac McCarthy's writing, the song has a menacing tone.

Sometimes I like a song because it makes me laugh. Wish I could find the one I'm thinking of - the singer talks about his girlfriend leaving him like a kidney stone. Ouch!

Here's some [hopefully] not depressing stuff.

A sweet song about happenstance or serendipity:

Or this perky (and potential ear worm) song (any song where my kitchen might say - hang around baby,baby, I'll be baking a cake for you - is fun in my book):

This one by Mutemath is reminiscent of Earth, Wind and Fire with its funky beat and brass:

Happy now?

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  1. I was perfectly happy before, but thanks for the new music. If you are really craving complaints, KP, you are welcome to borrow my current theme song by the Ramones. I Wanna Be Se . . .
    Anon CP