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This is the Time of Year

when my mother tends to experience a trauma that precipitates a drop down to the next plateau of dementedness.

In preparation for the possibility of another 14 hr ER visit, I:

  • Purchased another wall charger for my phone and tucked it in my purse. 
  • Downloaded free classic books (which I have not read): Moby Dick, Frankenstein,  The Wind in The Willows, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
  • Transferred my music to the wonder phone.

One of the down sides of people getting my blog via email, is that when they reply to me only I get to see the lovely (or funny) things they say.

Here's some of the things said (that made me cry) regarding A Fallow Period:

- Also let's talk about not beating yourself up about your mom. And we will help take care of you :)

- Above all, do not punish yourself for those thoughts. You want a release for both of you. When you least expect it, a Guardian will come along to take care of you. Above all, just know you are loved.

It's ok Its been a long hard time for you. She would not want to stay like this. Don't beat youself up. Stay strong. We love you.

I always think of you as brave strong and creative.

Thanks everyone. These feel like hugs - which I like if they're from people I love. :)

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