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Dear Old Oscar

It's his birthday today. (The man not the cat).

It is also the birthday of Angela Lansbury, Tim Robbins, Bob Weir, Flea, Eugene O'Neill, Michael Collins, and Noah Webster.

Grand company to be sure.


Did you ever wonder how Oscar Wilde (the cat not the man) got his moniker? Whether you have or not, here's the story.

I hate that thing vets do, which is to give your pet, who is not related to you in any way, your last name.
It's weird. My father had nothing to do with these cats. Stage set then.

When I adopted Oscar from the Yulee, FL shelter, his name was Grayson.
He thought the name was so stupid his ear didn't even flick in my direction when called.

I tried other languages for the color grey (technically his coloring is blue).
Gris. Ah, no. (side note: In France, to be "grey" (ĂȘtre gris) means to be drunk.)

Then I thought of Dorian Gray.
But I'm not a fan of the name Dorian (Greek, meaning from the sea).

But wait! Who wrote Dorian Gray?
That's right, your pal and mine - Oscar Wilde.

And guess what - he came running when called.

Oscar Wilde (the cat)


  1. Such a beautiful cat! We had one long ago which was a lighter grey. Her name was Special because she was. Blessings, (and thanks for your comments at my blog...) ...Debra

  2. He has also been known to come running for chicken. Just sayin'.

  3. Hi Kim... yikes! Just read your comment at my blog and uh-oh... didn't the usual white background show up? I haven't changed anything. I'm seeing the coral only on the outer edges, but the grey type (if I can figure out how to make the print darker, I will...)is still against the white background. Maybe it was just a fluke? Something like that happened when I visited someone else's blog last week. Hmm... curiouser and curiouser, but then, we're dealing with Blogger, King of weird problems....heh... Debra

  4. Every bit as distinctive as his namesake.