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Personal Bubble

Reading Cataline's (aka Anon CP) post (read it here), reminded me of something that happened recently.

A gentleman got out of his car to help our UPS driver with the door and locked himself out of the car. Being as I was in the parking lot trying to get my previous Windows phone to work, I got sucked into the maelstrom. Procured a wire coat hanger and then, because he was sure it wouldn't work, proceeded to call AAA for a locksmith. Just as they were confirming the address, by jingo, he unlocked the door. Whoo hoo.


He wanted to give me a hug for helping him.

I'm almost certain I had the Brad Pitt + baseball (statistics, whatever people) movie look on my face (as in ewwwwwww.), then I said, out loud, "I'm really not a hugger." (If you could only see the look on my face as I relive/type this).

But he was OBLIVIOUS and did it anyway. Talk about no good deed going unpunished.


  1. A gentleman should know: no molesting the Good Samaritan!!! Tsk. That was characteristically kind of you. Maybe the hand extended/forearm block? Anon CP

  2. Come on Kim, what's wrong with a little hug?