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Girl Fight!

Yesterday afternoon as I negotiated my car through the construction that has been going on for oh so long in front of the building I work in, my phone rang.

It was Wynwood.

Seems Mom got into an altercation with a woman she's usually friends with.

Hit her.

No one seems to know what caused it. They were talking one minute and the next, Mom stood up, smacked her, then went outside. They tried to get her to come in because it was hot, but she is part Georgia mule, so someone stayed outside with her for awhile.
When she came in later, she was fine. Self imposed time-out. They're both fine by the way.

Mom probably won't remember the fight or what set her off. There's just no way of knowing. Suggesting she might want to use her fork is enough to get the stink eye, a five minute pouting session and get called a bitch.

And in this corner, the bantam weight contender for Wynwood...


  1. How troubling to get a call with a report like that. If only there were some way to get inside her head, calm her down, make her less afraid.

    The other day I spoke to a friend whose mother has alzheimers. My friend's father died a week ago, and he said that his mother seemed not to notice (though she and her husband lived in the same facility--separate rooms). Then on Monday as she was getting out of bed, she said to an aide, "My heart is heavy."

    Deep in there she knew, she knows, she's awake and watching and knowing. She cares.

    The bitch part, the "stink eye" (what a colorful and old expression)..that really must hurt. I'm so sorry.

  2. Thanks Andrea.
    I don't take any of it personally - anymore. She can't help it. Her brain has run away from her.