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There's a lot of talk about Prop 8, gay marriage, etc. going on. Today in Raleigh there's a protest about something connected to it and an anti-protest and on and on and on and on.

Here's what I think:

It. Is. None. Of. My. Business.

None of it. Nope, not even that. Or that. That either.

Who sleeps with whom.
Who marries whom.
Who votes for whom.

There are people out there who do think it is their business to tell me (and you) what God hath said; what I should/should not believe about most anything; what kind of person I am whatever way I happen to lean; what God thinks about me on top of it all.

I've noticed most of these people's opinions do not include love, nor are they presented with a loving attitude.

Didn't I read somewhere that God is love? Now where was that...?

Here's my KISS verse: " God with all your strength, heart, and mind and love your neighbor as yourself..." (my paraphrased version)

The "love your neighbor as yourself" is the kicker for me; it cancels out all the "But"'s.

But they're [fill in the blank]
But they believe [fill in the blank]
But they like [fill in the blank]
But they voted for [fill in the blank]

Sorry, doesn't matter. My job is to love them, like I love me. (most times even more than I love me, because I'm not so good at that sometimes - yikes!)

It's hard to do. Try it sometime.

There's a show on MTV called "If You Really Knew Me".
It's a one day Challenge workshop for high school students to help prevent bullying, racism, and violence in schools - walk a mile in someone else's shoes basically.
It reminds me of the work my dear friend Sherman was doing (Bridgebuilders) before he died (miss you Sherm).

Anyway, on one of the shows a young man breaks down crying because his Christian (oh how I want to put quotes around that word), parents tell him everyday he's going to hell because he's gay.

WWJD? Pretty sure it wouldn't be that.

Now here's where I get to practice loving my neighbor.
Because I want to punch his both parents, the pastor, everyone in that church, and bring that boy home to live with me.

"...And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace ..."

"Imagine" by John Lennon


  1. I'm with you on that Kim:-)

  2. Great blog, Kim. There does seem to be a lot of judgement out there. And who are we to judge. Last I heard, that was God's job. Like you said Kim, my job is to love. Plain. and. Simple. The nuns taught me well. They said, "God is Love and Love is God."