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The Russians Are Coming!

My dad was a storyteller.

Meaning, he told us completely unbelievable things and I always believed him.
"Cats are really elephants."
I knew it!
(He never actually said that, but if he had...)
Dad would say the most ridiculous stuff you ever heard with a straight face.

My brother inherited this trait. Very droll, my brother. Funny. Never laughs at anything I say, 'cause I'm not funny. I'm always trying to make him laugh and it never works. Awkward. He is a tough crowd. (although he did call me to say he laughed his hind end off at the vacation post. Pleased me to no end.)

Anyway, one day when we lived in Kodiak, my father comes home from work, (Master Chief Radioman, USCG), and announces that they're working on a secret project: a new code to replace the Morse Code because the Russians have decoded it.

Now, I'm sure all you smart folks out there (ah, that would be everyone but me) see two or three holes in this little scenario straightaway. (If you haven't, email me, because have I got a bridge for you!)

And just so you don't think -
"Oh how cute. Of course all five year old's believe their father's stories." - I was in high school people.

So little ole high score IQ me (higher than Charles Manson's!) goes to school and tells anyone I can find who will listen: GUESS WHAT? MY FATHER IS WORKING ON A NEW CODE BECAUSE THE RUSSIANS HAVE DECODED THE MORSE ONE.

I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout. We learned the Morse Code, I remember it being in my handbook. My father used to write our names on our lunches in code.

The one thing I apparently forgot was...

The Morse Code is an INTERNATIONAL freakin' CODE.

Everyone knows it - even the Russians.

.-- ... .- - .- -. .. -.. .. --- -

Color me gullible.

-.- .. --

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