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It's Already Broken

Well, my wonderful blue bowl from Orcas Island is no more.

Friday night as I was putting things back after the painters left, I noticed it had a big ole crack in it.

So I said my mantra three times, thought of all the delicious popcorn and pasta it had held, the pleasure I'd gotten from using it and looking at it over the last six years, then took it out to the garbage.

But wait, there's more to this bowl's story.

My long time friend, the one I flipped off in the food court (hangs head in shame, again) bought that bowl for me for my birthday a few days before "the incident". So it has had a mea culpa element to it as well.

I could get all philosophy-y about it and say the bowl is/was a reflection of the relationship, but gack.

Thanks JC for the fabulous blue bowl from Crow Valley Pottery. I'm glad we got to spend some time together.


  1. Ack! I hate it when I break dishes. But here is what I do--I keep the pieces in a box and make Someday Plans to use them in mosaic projects. I made two projects years ago and loved how they came out. One was an address number sign for our house (for two years I've regretted leaving it with our house, even though it was the nice thing to do). But of course, in this case, what with things being the way they are with your friend, you might not want to keep the pieces. heh. Just a thought, though, for future breakage. Saving the pieces makes my clumsiness easier to accept. :) Blessings, Debra

  2. LOL Debra!
    I used to save broken pieces. Then after reading "Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui" I was motivated to do the project (a mosaic tray).
    When I got everything assembled, it looked like crap, so it was thrown away after all.
    Now I just do that step first. :-)

  3. Heh. I say try again with the mosaic. :) Maybe find a picture of a small project you love and then try it?

    And re: your comment at my blog this morning. Oh. My. Goodness. Eons ago Tom and I tried twice to have dogs and it didn't work out. And now we have two cats, too! This is getting downright spooky. Are you sure you aren't living as me in a parallel universe somewhere? :) Blessings, Debra

  4. The parallel universe just shifted :)
    I have three cats, the two males act like dogs - follow me from room to room, sit on command, Oscar will sometimes (key word that) lay down on command.

    Lillie is all cat. All the time.

  5. Okay. Well, we had three cats for some years until we lost our Skittles at nearly 15.

    For awhile we even had 6 cats (good grief) since our daughter had three 'upstairs cats' and we had the three downstairs ones. Currently, we have 5 cats since she moved back in with us--temporarily, but of course! And again, we're back to the upstairs and downstairs cats thing. :) ...Debra