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Herd Mentality or Why I Bought a Steam Mop at The Home Show

I've been thinking of getting a new kitten for Finn. Since I've been spending more time at home, I noticed him flopping around, miffed that the other two cats, who are older than him, would rather sleep than play most of the time.
He makes a hhhmmff noise when rebuffed, then like a sulky teenager, he flings himself down on the floor. Or on the bench in Suite 101 like this:

 Two seconds after this picture was taken, he was trying to chew the dangling cords

Anyway, it went so far as me going to the shelter last week and scoping out the cats. Even spent some time with one. Then I saved a plastic bin from being thrown away because, in spite of CP's two harrowing words - inappropriate urination - I'm still not entirely unconvinced in the new kitten area, and it could serve as a new litter box. (plastic bins make great litter boxes. They have high sides, are roomy, easy to clean, and are often less expensive than a "real" litter box). I brought it home, dropped it on the floor and Finn took possession of it.

It's his new BFF.

Any toys thrown in there are like new toys. He has the best time using it as his attack launch pad.
Turns out I didn't need a new cat, just a new plastic bin.

So how does this segue into herd mentality?
Maybe it doesn't. Maybe that was just a better title than Here's Another Post From The Crazy Cat Lady About Her Goofy Cat Who Should Be Named Kramer Because That's Who He Reminds Her Of.

But wait, it kinda does. I've been looking at steam mops since the hardwood floors were installed because I don't like to use chemicals (unless they're killing insects, then I'm Better Living Through Chemicals all the way baby).
But how do I clean the area by the cat food which is covered in little nose/mouth prints because a cat who shall remain nameless likes to scoop the dry food out of the dish onto the floor and eat the food off the floor?
And another one does the same thing with the wet food.

I use a microfiber mop, vinegar and water, but that leaves the floor too wet. Water and wood do not good dancing partners make. A steam mop seemed like a good solution.

Four of us went to Raleigh for the Southern Home Show today. I figured I couldn't get into too much trouble since everything there would be big and expensive. There was no way a patio was fitting in the car.

Then we rounded a corner and saw it.

Watched the young man demo the mop with crossed arms and the don't-think-you-can-pull-one-over-on-us-young-man-we're-older-and-wiser look firmly fixed on our...ahem...wiser faces.

Then all four of us whipped out our credit cards and bought one.

And there you have it - Herd Mentality.



  1. Loved your title. Loved your whole fun post! Blessings, Debra

  2. Attractive? Kim, did you SEE his teeth?

  3. Well, there was that. I focused on the microphone.

  4. Whereupon, CP sayth: Yes, the janitorially-clad salesman was a cipher in this equation. This mop does everything but rob banks and bring me the money -- I LOVE IT!! And, Kim, I think it was a case of simultaneous credit card combustion, completely unrelated to sheep. My credit card hand was already itching, I was just glad the rest of you wanted one too so you wouldn't make fun of me for being a trade-show sucker!

  5. I just used mine. The mudroom/kitty bathroom floor has never felt so clean and bacteria free.

  6. Okay, great. Now I want one.

  7. LOL Andrea! I think he said they sell them on QVC. Or you can find a Home show. :)

  8. Be sure and take three friends with you, Andrea, so you can mass purchase! FUN!

  9. Thank goodness between the comment and this moment I took a long nap and the craving has passed. I'm not going to look at the picture of it in the box again, though, and I'm not going to imagine my pristine litter box area. I have a feeling I'd be a goner.