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I have one today. I'm nervous.

I don't think I "show" well.
The I [introverted] in INFJ can work against me, since I go internal when thinking, making me appear guarded - or stupid. Since the world is run by Extroverts, it can be a strike against us Innies.
The N [intuitive] part of me doesn't get all the questions, why don't they just go with their gut? Because that's what I would do.

I did Strength Finder 2.0 (love that sort of thing. I joined e-harmony just to do the personality test. I know, weird).

Survey says:
Intellection (introspective, in other words - Introverted)
Harmony (well natch, I am a Libra)
Restorative (good at figuring out problems and resolving them)

Back to the interview - it's at PROFESSIONAL place. Meaning culture. And not the kind in yogurt.
I have on the required black ensemble (with red shoes!), worried that I'm wearing too much jewelry. (What do you think? two rings, earrings, and a necklace.)

Business casual where I've worked for the past eleven + years involves putting on closed toe shoes, a Hawaiian shirt, and khaki's. Picture Jimmy-Buffet-meets-the-absent-minded-professor.

Pray for me Argentina.


  1. One good thing about not "showing well" -- if that even applies to you, which I can't imagine -- is that you don't accidentally get the wrong job.

    Also, I'm glad you wore red shoes. I was a little disappointed when I re-read that you wore closed-toe shoes to your long-time job. At first reading I read it as "toe shoes" and was thinking, now that is cool.

    Argentina is backing you up all the way! Ecuador, too.

  2. I am also all in favor of the red shoes.

    So how'd it go?

  3. ...and California.

    Hooray for red shoes!

    Kim, my dear - introvert though you are - you fill any room you are in with your presence. Whether or not you get the job, I guarantee they will not forget meeting you. And they will never be the same.

  4. Thanks everyone. I have interview number dos tomorrow. The only down side to this job is that it's only 20 hours a week. Which I wouldn't mind except for that money thing.
    Aren't red shoes the best?!

  5. Red shoes are the best!
    Red hair and red shoes .... :)