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I Haz The Interweb! updated

After several attempts at getting wired at home I finally resorted to Time Warner cable.
Lo and behold, I am writing this post from my guest bedroom on my tiny, but fabulous
Lenovo Netbook.

Fawn, come visit again, you can do your blog posts here now!
I might make a Suite 101 in the guest bedroom closet.

My first attempt was with Clearwire. Easy and cheap.
Should have been my first clue (just because I like my men that way doesn't mean my wireless connection should be).
You need to have at least two bars out of five for a good connection.
I had one. Consistently.
No matter how I held my mouth, or what room I was in.

Called customer service, which was quite good actually. Got a real person in about five minutes.

But then the questions started.
Is the modem by a window? (if it were any closer to a window, it would be part of the glass)
Are there trees nearby? (ah, yes. it's NC, we have trees here. lots of them)
Are there houses next to you? (erm, yes. hello? suburbs)
Are your windows double paned? (seriously? this is a question?)

What I gleaned from this interrogation is that Clearwire will only work for me if I live in a hogan in the middle of New Mexico.
They said they would send a very nice man over to troubleshoot. (what's he going to do - clear cut my neighborhood?)
The very nice man said I was in a "pocket" and didn't get a good signal. (no comment)
I sent it back.

Second attempt was an AT&T wireless card. Same as above, except I skipped the whole customer service part and went right to returning it.


Okay, that was yesterday morning. Last night when I went to connect to finish this post - I could not connect. What. The. HECK. Mind you, I used the real bad words in person. I'm much more well behaved in blogger land. Mostly.
(An aside: when I start using the "magic incantation" words, as we call them at work, Oscar leaves the room, because usually the tool box is involved when I talk like that. And inside the tool box is one of his biggest fears - the measuring tape.)

My blogging companion, Oscar.

The chair thief Finn.

What has changed from this morning? Ummm...
  • The modem isn't on the floor anymore.
  • I'm using a mouse rather than the touch pad.
  • It's dark out.
That's about it.

SO...after one hour and fifty seven minutes on the phone, pinging and ipconfiging, they tell me basically it's my fault. Because the modem is working. Meaning it's not their fault.

I hate the interweb.

Okay, okay. Time Warner cable was right, it wasn't their modem (I'm sorry I hung up on you TWC)
Windows had done an automatic update and one of those screwed up the network adapter. I had to restore Windows back to when a time when I could get on line. Everything works fine now. Thanks Lenovo help desk!


  1. That's it. I'm coming back. It's so much easier to write my blog at YOUR house than at MINE! Why is that???!!! Makes me nuts. Is it the Atlantic ions vs. the Pacific ions? What??!!

    Anyway, so glad you're finally wired. Congratulations. So how did the interview go? Well? Did they like the red shoes?

  2. It's the good company...and Guglhupf.

  3. I'm so glad you like your netbook!

    Time Warner isn't a great company until you compare them with the others!

    Interview??? Anything promising?

  4. Grueling. Why do we subject ourselves to technology.

    But in this case I'm glad you made it through the tunnel.

    I like this new layout, including the fancy photograph in the upper right corner.