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At Last

Here are some pictures of the newly renovated and painted living room.
Also the end of the dreaded motel bathroom.

First, the inspiration lampshade.

The wall color is Butter. The cat is Lillie.

The accent wall color is Jalapeno Jelly. It's my favorite.
A nice juicy green. Thanks to Steffi for talking me down from
the darker olive green.

Steffi's idea to hang pictures on the knee wall. Genius!
The knee wall is two shades darker (Berry Burgundy) than the plant shelf triangle (Smoky Mauve)

I love my Barry Wilson mixer print.

And now, the bathroom improvements:

The wall color looks minty in these pictures.
Mint green is too blue for my liking. (Blue eyes, yes. Fabric, yes. Walls, no.)
I prefer yellow greens. The color is Pale Apple and it's not at all minty in person.


  1. Hey - everything looks fabulous!!!! I didn't even know you were doing major renovations! ...dang, I guess that means I should pay attention to your blog huh? ;)

  2. This is a Libra nest, all right. Pretty, neat, tidy, colorful, calm, peaceful, and complete with cat accents.
    Congratulations on getting all this stuff done. Impressive!

  3. Can you Copy your place and Paste it to my address?