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Break It Down (continued)

Remember last month, exactly a month ago actually, my frig was on the fritz?
Turns out it wasn't the seventeen year old frig (chances are it will be soon though), but an electrical outage on one leg of the circuit.

An electrician came out, of course by that time the power was back on, checked all the outlets, even took the panel off the breaker box (there are some scary looking wires in there!) and checked the connections. Every little thing looked fine.

All is well - until yesterday; I came home and the frig was off again! Worked yesterday morning. I plugged it into the next outlet, which works.
And sure enough, like the electrician said, other things are off that I didn't notice last time, the microwave (previously the stove hood), the guest bathroom, part of the guest bedroom, and...HORROR of HORRORS...


Oh the humid humanity!

Didn't realize the programmable thermostat was on the circuit until I was going to bed (after a marathon of "The Wire" - TV worked) and thought it was a bit hot.

Thank God for ceiling fans!

The really odd thing is it being one day short of a month since it happened.

Duke Energy is going to check outside (they don't do inside).

I'll keep you posted. (I know you can't wait!)

I liked Merv the electrician so much I asked him to install a microwave over the stove, something I had been wanting for years. So I guess that was a win-win.


  1. No A/C??
    Forget about it... The whole thing's off!

    Just kidding. How ever did people survive before it?

    See you tomorrow!!!